Monday, July 26, 2010

Tile, Paint, and Cabinets

The interior has come a long way over this past weekend. All of the tile (with the exception of our kitchen tile backsplash) is finished. The interior paint and trim is finished. The kitchen and bathroom cabinets were installed today. Tomorrow, the granite company will be at the house drawing the template for our counter tops.

The master bathroom shower tiles are finished. The glass accent band looks perfect!

The front exterior view of the house. The Hardi shakes were finally painted.

The master bedroom/bathroom paint is by Sherwin Williams. The color is a really soft neutral green, called Chatroom (SW6171).

The rest of the interior house color is also by Sherwin Williams. It is a neutral beige called Nantucket Dune (SW7527).

With the exception of the kitchen island, all of the cabinets were installed today. It is hard to tell by the picture, but they are a medium brown recessed panel with a black pen glaze.

The kitchen cabinet hardware is my favorite! The long satin nickel handles & pulls are very sleek and contemporary.

The master bathroom cabinets are the same color and design as the kitchen cabinets.

For the master bathroom hardware, I wanted to use a more feminine look. The cabinet doors have a satin nickel tapered scroll. The drawers are a satin nickel scroll knob.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tile & Trim

The interior of the house is really beginning to take shape. The laundry room and bathroom floors have been tiled and grouted. We used Romanza Ivory tile in the master bathroom, and Romanza Noche in the laundry room & upstairs bathrooms. The Romanza Ivory is white with a small amount of beige. Romanza Noche is light and dark tan.

We chose to upgrade to a diagonally laid tile for the master bathroom.

(Laundry room)

I was so excited to see the GORGEOUS glass tiles and fireplace tiles were delivered. The beige (1x2 subway) tiles will be installed as accent bands around the master shower and tub. The multicolored (1x1 square) tiles will be the kitchen backsplash.

The trim is in the process of being installed. All of the baseboards are down, doors & casings are up, and the crown molding should be finished tomorrow.

(Breakfast Nook)

(Master Bedroom)

(Upstairs Hallway)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Drywall, Lighting, and Furniture

After about a week, the drywall is complete. I had no idea what a process this would be. First, the drywall pieces are measured, cut, and hung onto the walls & ceilings. Then there is mudding, taping, smoothing, and sanding. These steps are repeated a total of 3 times. It is quite a lengthy (and VERY dusty) process!

Kitchen/Keeping Room

I realized tonight that I have never taken a picture of the view right inside the front door. The dining room is on the right, and the great room is straight forward. The staircase has an open catwalk on both sides, overlooking the foyer and greatroom.

I am so glad we chose to use a rectangular double tray ceiling in our master bedroom.

Now that the drywall is finished, we have been really focusing on lighting. Although it has been a great deal of work, selecting our lighting has been one of my favorite steps so far. Since we are using a "Transitional" decor, it really allows us to mix 'old with new'.

The foyer light is called a "birdcage" or "lantern" style chandelier. On this light, you have the option to either keep or remove the glass globes. When the globes are removed, special bulbs can be placed into the fixture. These bulbs put off a light that looks like a burning flame. Because the outside of the house will have several cedar accents, the flame lit cage light will really bring the rustic look into the foyer.

Our master bedroom light is one of my favorites! It is an eight light Bohemian crystal chandelier. I can not wait to see how it looks in the space. I have selected a silk fabric for our bedroom window treatments. The shine from the crystals and the silks will be amazing.

As if it weren't difficult enough selecting the basic items for the house, we have also been looking at new furniture pieces. Oddly enough, it really helps to make basic house selections when we can picture what furniture will be filling in the space. Our main furniture focuses have been: Bedroom and Kitchen.

For our bedroom furniture, I have had a specific idea for what I would like to see in the space. I have really had my heart set on buying a bed with a fabric covered headboard, trimmed in wood. It has been insanely difficult finding such a simple item! After looking at every covered headboard in America, I think we have decided on this set. The combination of the dark espresso wood mixed with the chrome hardware is a nice contrast. The headboard is exactly what we have been looking for as well. Also, the crystal chandelier will be the perfect accent to this furniture.

Our kitchen table will be a Pottery Barn inspired farmhouse table. It is going to be a one-of-a-kind solid walnut table. We will be using parsons chairs with floor length white slipcovers. The most special part of the table is that it will be handmade by my wonderful husband!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Siding and Drywall Part II

Today was the second day for hanging the drywall and exterior siding. The siding on the back of the house was completed today. There is only one small section at the top of the house, along with the section of shake on the front for them to complete tomorrow. We have been impressed with how fast they have gone on the exterior siding!

Small amount on the master bedroom side to complete.

Finished on the back!

They worked really hard on the drywall today. A good portion of the downstairs has been completed.

Keeping room


Master Bedroom

Master Bathroom

Dining Room

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Siding and Drywall Part I

The past two days have been very productive! The Hardi Siding and Hardi Shakes are in the process of being applied to the house. The color of the siding (called Timberbark) looks fantastic with the rock and brick. The exterior is really coming together well. The Hardi Shakes will go on the two sections on the front, and the flat Hardi Siding with go on the sides and back. The flat siding come pre-painted, which makes the color last longer without fading. The shakes will be painted once the installation process is completed.

The right side of the house has all of the siding completed. The left side lacks a small amount at the top.

Front view of the house

The shakes have been applied to the top section on the front of the house. The lower section should be finished tomorrow.

The workers finally got started on the drywall today. They started with the upstairs. The upstairs bedrooms, bonus room, and the jack & jill bath all have the drywall hung.

The bonus room

One of the upstairs bedrooms

Jack & Jill bathroom upstairs

Monday, July 5, 2010

Rock Exterior Completed

We didn't know when the rock would be applied to the exterior, so we were pretty excited to see that it was completed a few days ago. We decided on a drystacked (no mortar) combination of handcrafted and fieldstone. The handcrafted pieces are rectangular, and the fieldstone is a larger irregular shape. The rock colors are Mossy Creek and Westchester. The Mossy Creek is composed of various colors of gray. Westchester is mostly tan with areas of brick red. The colors look amazing with the brick.

I love the brick keystones within the rock. It really brings the two textures together.

Rock keystones were used above the garage doors and the bonus room window on the front of the house.