Saturday, August 14, 2010

Backsplash, Front Door, Mantle, and Furniture

Now that our estimated completion date has been moved up, the contractors have been working long hours, every day! Thankfully, the final details have been coming together nicely. We should be seeing a final product next week!

We were so excited to see that the glass tile backsplash was finally installed in the kitchen. I have been waiting for months to see how it would look. The combination of the glass tile with the granite is so beautiful. So far, this is my favorite part of the house!

The front door was also installed today. We used a full glass front door with a prarie grill. The wood will be stained to match our cedar columns.

The fireplace mantle is in place. Once they come to paint the final coats on the walls, they will paint the mantle white, to match the trim.

We have also been furniture shopping for our keeping room and greatroom. Klaussner is a great furniture line because you can customize the fabric and wood selections. For the keeping room, we have decided to use 4 chairs from Klaussner. The fabric is called "Rust".

This is the style of chair, called "Virgina".

This is a sample of the fabric we will have covering the chairs. This fabric really gives the chairs a rustic, warm look.

The couches for our greatroom are also by Klaussner. We have a large greatroom, so we will be using 2 of the couches, and a chair (which we have not decided upon yet).

The design of the couch is called "Sonoma". I love the straight lines combined with the low, sloping arms. It is also about 8 feet long, so it will provide a lot of seating space.

The fabric that will be covering the couches is a black, brown, and tan tweed.

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