Sunday, June 13, 2010

Electrical and Sewage Lines

It has been a very long week of electrical work...and still going! I had no idea that deciding where to put outlets, choosing what switch operates which lights, and where each light should hang would be so much work. The process is made even more difficult because all of the decisions must be "up to code". We are scheduled to do a final electrical walk through tomorrow afternoon. My goal is to be done thinking about electrical details by tomorrow night!

This is the first step: deciding where to place the electrical switches.

The can lights were installed on the upstairs catwalk.

The final step: running the electrical wires to each outlet/switch.

The sewer pipes were also installed this past week. The front yard was one HUGE pile of dirt and rock. It will be nice to see this step finished because the big trench makes it tricky getting inside the house!

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